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River clay

The trees at B&P Nursery grow on fertile river clay. This ensures they receive adequate nutrition during growth and develop a dense and strong root system. A tree does not just become big, it requires love and attention. Our nurseries have the ideal environment to cultivate a strong tree. We do all we can to deliver the tree to its end user location after harvesting. Think about this for a minute; a tree that has taken 8 years to grow to what it is now, we harvest in one day and subsequently deliver 700km further within 24 hours. Then it is planted and looks as if it has always stood there.

Choosing a tree

You are welcome to come and visit the nursery with your client and select the trees. Our nurseries are located within an 8km radius from our wholesaler office. It is therefore possible to visit all nurseries in one day. Ordering via e-mail, telephone and even fax is also possible.

Three harvest teams

Because we have three nurseries, we also have three harvest teams. Therefore, we are able to be quick and flexible when harvesting trees. Subsequently, we plan transportation with one of our couriers or your own courier firm, so the trees spend a minimum amount of time with their roots out of the ground. We deliver in Europe and further afield. Our sales representatives speak your language: from German and French, to Polish and Russian. We make it easy for you, when you call, you get your own sales representative on the line. We have a flat organisational structure and a short chain of command. We do not complicate matters: you choose the trees; we arrange quick delivery to your desired location.

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