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Passionate about trees

B&P Nurseries is a tree wholesaler and consists of a cooperative of three nurseries; family businesses where life is dedicated to trees. Trees are valued by people and only have good properties: they provide oxygen, reduce temperatures on hot days, decrease water saturation during rain showers and finally brighten your surroundings. Also be aware: by planting a tree you are creating history.

Fertile soil

Our wholesaler is located in Opheusden in the middle of The Betuwe, the Avenue Tree Centre of Europe, with the nurseries located within an 8km radius. In this region the ground consists of river clay, which is extremely fertile and ideal for tree cultivation in soil. Due to the structure of the soil we cultivate trees with a perfect clod which have a dense and powerful root system. This is the basis for a long life. Our love for trees ensure we raise them with dedication and care. The oldest trees have been in the nursery for about eight years. We have a wide range and each of our nurseries has their own specialty. Amongst others, we cultivate avenue trees, ornamental trees and topiaries. You can choose from multi or single stemmed, with or without root ball and a large variation of height and girth. Traditionally, autumn is an ideal time to plant and transplant trees. Trees in containers can be planted all year round. We are specialists in container cultivation and a supplier of container bags.

Wholesaler of trees

We deliver our trees to landscapers, nurseries and other green suppliers for the end user. At our nurseries, if desired, you and the client choose the trees. Because we have three nurseries, we also have three harvest teams and thus are extremely flexible. If necessary, we can respond quickly. Our international sales team speak to you in your own language. Once you have chosen your trees we transport them to your desired location if so requested. We do that quickly so the trees spend as little time as possible out of the soil.