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About us

We love trees

Opheusden in the Betuwe is the avenue tree centre of The Netherlands. B&P Nurseries is a tree wholesaler and comprises a cooperative of three nurseries; family businesses that have passed from generation to generation. Everything revolves around trees, including family life. Every branch is scrutinised, nutrition is meticulously applied and growth monitored with an emphasis that the treetops are grown correctly. This takes love and devotion. Horticulturists aren’t made, they are born.

Versatility in trees

As we have three nurseries, we have a large assortment of trees. From avenue through to fruit trees. A nice streetscape gets increased attention: landscape architects provide form and colour with trees. That’s why we give you the choice of a large variety of trees each with their own features, for example; stem width, leaf colour, leaf shape and height. In addition, an end user such as a council, looks at maintenance costs. For us our focus is the cultivation of trees and development of tree types, not so much the creation of new species.


Flexible and efficient

We have three harvest teams. This makes us extremely flexible and allows for fast delivery. We deliver trees throughout Europe and further abroad. We arrange transport so the tree stays out of the ground for as short a time as possible. Our employees speak your language and you will be connected to your own sales representative. We focus exclusively on nurseries, gardeners and landscapers. You are welcome to visit us with your client and select your trees. The end user is and stays your customer. That goes without saying.


A tree is a sustainable product. Therefore, our procedures support sustainability. We have an MPS-certification that guarantees plant protection is used within legal norms and that all international legal requirements for nurseries are satisfied.

B&P Tree Nurseries. We love trees